Every group has its own dynamics, characters and clowns. The groups you travel with are no different. We’ve unpacked five of the #Tripbuds you’re bound to travel with at some point…


Planner 😇

Flights. Check. Accommodation. Check. Tours. Check. Itinerary – done!

The planner is cool, calm and collected… as long as everything is going to plan. They’re smart, organised (albeit a bit of a control freak) but ultimately a huge asset to the group. They’ve got all your reservations sorted with all the extra info you could need, including transport, amenities, food options and even the weather forecast. They’re the ‘mum’ of the group and help take the pressure off the less experienced travellers. Every group loves to have them but never quite realises how important they are until they try and get by without one – ahhh the stress!


The free rider 😎

The free rider is just here for a good time. They’re relaxed, carefree and will happily go with the flow wherever the rest of the group is headed. Their unstructured, carefree nature makes them the natural enemy of the planner – or does it? In fact, the planner loves how the free rider will go along with any plan and help make the most of it. This easy partnership keeps the group dynamic alive with at least a couple of votes cast in the same direction. Sometimes the free rider’s chillaxed nature can get the better of them and they’ll forget to bring or do something important. Treasure your free riders but remind them to pack a jumper!


Big spender 🧐

Work hard, play hard, right? Big spenders can’t understand people who travel halfway around the world to not order the lobster or save a few dollars by staying at a “really nice” hostel. When they’re on holiday, they want to do it “right.” They’ve saved hard for the trip and now they’re going to make the most of every opportunity. Missing out on an amazing experience you can’t get back home is just not an option. Splurging on a bottle of sticky sauternes in Bordeaux? Why not, you probably won’t be back for a while. Helicopter ride over the Swiss Alps? It’d be rude not to! Generous big spenders are great to have around too!


Night owl 🥳

From dinner til dawn is when the night owl thrives. They’ll start with a cheeky bev at dinner, which will almost certainly lead to a few more (while doing their best to make sure the rest of the group is joining in the fun). Their mission? To keep the laughs rolling and the post-dinner activities going strong. An early night is the night owl’s worst nightmare… Who cares if you went on a 25km hike earlier in the day? Not them. Their energy levels only increase once the sun goes down! They draw their lifeforce from the night itself. Their downfall? Those first rays of morning sun. Their sleep-ins may draw the ire of the group’s planner on occasion.


Early riser 🤩

The early riser is like the night owl, except the complete opposite. It doesn’t matter what they did the day before or how late they stayed up, they’ll always be the first to rise and shine. And unlike the rest of the group, they’ll actually shine in the morning. By 8 am they have watched the sunrise, gone for a morning swim and come back to the room with freshly squeezed juices (or coffees) for the whole squad. The rest of the group love to hate on them because they secretly wish they were able to function properly before the sun comes up… especially after a big night. Why aren’t these people ever dusty after a big night???


James with his #Tripbuds



No matter everyone’s differences, you’ve decided to travel together for a reason… Probably because the best buds are #Tripbuds! ❤️

Which one are you and your friends? Or do you have other nicknames for your #Tripbuds? Let us know in the comments!


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