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If you love group travel, you’ll love Tripbuds!

Tripbuds is social

Invite your trip buds into your private travel planning space. See each other’s ideas, vote on them, and build your master itinerary together. Group travel is a team effort. Make it happen on Tripbuds.

Tripbuds is collaborative

You don’t have to be a ‘control freak’ to get things done. Tripbuds ensures everyone feels heard and included.

Tripbuds is fun

Tripbuds was designed to maximise joy before, during and after a group trip. Use the app to: plan with ease, get around like a local while touring, and document everything in your digital journal.

Other Goodies

Feel like a local anywhere

You’ll be a real citizen of the world with our Google Maps integration showing you the quickest path to the next stop on your group itinerary! Get around with confidence and make more time for unforgettable memories.

Save all your travel documents

You’ll be able to attach reservations, bookings and tickets of all kinds to your itinerary, so you’re never missing an important document when you need it. Stress is common when travelling – let it melt away with Tripbuds!

Organise multiple group trips

Tripbuds is for all your group trips, even if they’re just ideas or bucket list items at the moment. Whether you’re planning a family reunion in Greece, or New Year’s Eve in Rio with your inner circle, start planning now!

A group travel community

Tripbuds is for people worldwide who love to travel in groups. We’ll be sharing group travel inspo, stories and tips via our social media pages, private groups and a monthly newsletter so your trip buds have all the latest info.

Frequently asked questions

Is this a free service?

Yes, Tripbuds is 100% free for your group to use as often as you like. The app is free, the support is free, the community is free, did we say it’s free?

What can I book through the app?

It’s optional but if you would like to book flights, hotels and make reservations through the app, you will be redirected to partner checkout pages and payments will be handed there.

Do I have to share my entire trip?

No, you have control over which parts of your trip are shared with the group and which ones stay private. This is a great feature in case you won’t be together the whole time.

What if details change during the trip?

You can update your itinerary at any time before or during the trip. The app sends notifications to your trip buds so everyone knows what’s happening if plans change.

What if I need to cancel bookings?

Any bookings or reservations will be made through partner checkout pages. You will need to discuss modifications, cancellations and refunds with them directly. Contact information can be found on your reservation confirmations, which are emailed to you.

What if I need support along the way?

We’re here for you, bud. You can always reach us via our social media pages (please send us a DM for anything personal) and/or email: (monitored 24/7)

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