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The best memories are made on holidays with friends and family. Use our free app to share travel ideas, create a group itinerary, and save experiences you’ll always remember.

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The place to share travel plans with friends

Our intuitive app was designed for you and all your favourite travel companions. Invite them all to sign up so you can share travel ideas, vote on your favourites and design an unforgettable group holiday.

Making everyone feel heard and included

Once your Tripbuds have contributed their ideas for; flights, transfers, hotels, restaurants, events, attractions and more; you can all vote anonymously to create a democratic group itinerary everyone will love.

One home for all your travel plans

Tripbuds isn’t just for planning one amazing trip. Keep track of all your upcoming plans no matter how early stage or finalised they are. You can control who sees what, and sometimes keep a trip private while you mull it over.

Other Goodies

Feel like a local wherever you find yourselves

Travellers often end up in unfamiliar places with little to no wayfinding. Our Google Maps integration means you can easily make your way to the next event on your group itinerary or back to the hotel with confidence.

Safekeeping of your own travel documents

You might not be holidaying as a group the whole time, so you can also keep track of your individual plans privately. You can even store your travel documents safely for convenient access while on the move.

A treasure trove of unforgettable memories

The Tripbuds app is your ‘return ticket’ back to unforgettable moments. All your itineraries, notes and reviews are stored for future reference, so you can either recreate parts of a successful trip or just reflect in a quiet moment.

A community of like-minded travellers

Tripbuds is so much more than a mobile app. It’s also a community of people who prefer to see the world with their loved ones. Through our newsletters and private Facebook group, we share travel ideas, offers and stories from fellow Tripbuds.

Frequently asked questions

Is this a free service?

Yes, Tripbuds is 100% free for your group to use as often as you like. The app is free, the support is free, the community is free, did we say it’s free?

Do I have to share my entire trip?

No, you have control over which parts of your trip are shared with the group and which ones stay private. This is a great feature if you’re not together the whole time.

What if details change during the trip?

You can update your itinerary at any time before or during the trip. The app sends notifications to your Tripbuds so everyone knows what’s happening if plans change.

Can I share my itinerary with someone I’m not travelling with?

Yes, you can invite anyone and set their permissions to “view only.” This will allow them to view your itinerary without being able to edit or share it further.

We’re just doing some preflight checks before our app launches in late 2020.

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