Organise group travel the easy way

Find group travel like herding cats? Build a master itinerary, coordinate your friends, and create experiences you’ll never forget, with our all in one app.

How it works

Step 1: Create a group with your trip buds

Add your friends and begin planning your trip within minutes!

Step 2: Share travel ideas with buds & vote on your favourites

Receive suggestions from your buds and vote for your favourite destinations, hotels, flight deals, restaurants and more.

Step 3: Share all your booking details & get a master group itinerary

As everyone shares their personal itineraries, the Tripbuds app creates a single master group itinerary with all your booking info.

Step 4: Save, rate & share your trip

The Tripbuds app records all of your trips so you will always remember your itinerary.


Share & vote on travel ideas

Organising a trip with friends, colleagues, employees or guests couldn’t be easier. Just tap, collaborate and cruise.

One master group itinerary

The Tripbuds app stores your groups travel details in one simple group itinerary, and let’s you know exactly what’s next throughout your trip.

All travel documents in one app

You’ll never again have to search multiple places for all your travel docs and reservations. Upload them all to Tripbuds and access them anytime and from anywhere

Always find your way

You’ll always know where you’re staying / eating etc as you can get directions to everything easily using our google maps integration

Frequently asked questions

Is this a free service?

Yes, Tripbuds is 100% free for all your group to use, as often as you like. The app is free, the service is free, did we say it’s free?

Do I have to share my entire trip with my buds?

No, you can choose which aspects of your trip you want to share with your trip buds. This a great feature for a trip bud who starts a trip with friends, but decides to extend their trip without them.

What if the details of my trip changes during the trip?

Can I update my Itinerary at any time? You can update your itinerary at any time before and during your trip. Update manually or through our data integration technology, and share the details with the rest of your group.

Can I share my itinerary with someone I’m not travelling with?

Yes, you can invite anyone and set the permission to view only. This will allow them to view your trip, but they will not be able to share, create or edit your trip details

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